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Cricket in the West Indies has a very long and rich history with our team literally ruling the world of cricket for twenty years across 3 decades during the 70s/80s/90s era. During this period many talented players were unable to make the cut at the highest level but the love, passion and commitment for the game remained. Today, these ‘fringe’ players are now classified as Masters/Veterans/Legends and have never had the opportunity to showcase their tremendous talent and ability to the world at large

Cricket West Indies Masters Association (CWIMA) intends to rediscover these legends of this period from wherever they are now in the world and bring them backtogether, once again, and rekindle that spirit that made us world champions twice in 1975 and 1979. West Indies cricket can be catapulted back to the top when our current WI players view the professionalism, pride, and cricket culture that these legends possess. Our major vision is to make our players believe again in themselves and channel that passion and pride to produce World champions at the Over 40s, Over 50s, Over 60s World Cup events that will be held every two years on the world stage.