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Cricket West Indies Masters Association, “CWIMA” is a non-profit organization formed to administer masters and legends cricket for West Indies cricketers. CWIMA evolved from the initial body, West Indies Over 50s World Cup Committee, which body had adopted this mandate in 2019. CWIMA is directly affiliated with the Over 50s World Cup Cricket Committee and the Over 60s World Cup Cricket Committee, two private bodies operating outside of the ICC, in Sydney and Queensland, Australia respectively. To date, they have now held two Over 50s World-Cups: one in Sydney, Australia (2018) with 8 teams and, most recently, in Cape Town, South Africa (2020) with 12 teams participating, inclusive of a first time West Indies Over 50s team. Based upon the success of these two World-Cups, there is now an inaugural Over 60s World Cup planned for Fall 2022. CWIMA has agreed to administer all of the Windies Masters teams for their respective World Cups.

With the increasing popularity of veterans’ cricket, CWIMA has committed itself to administer this age group level cricket in a fair and equitable manner. Towards this end, CWIMA has already started to create organized cricketing structures throughout the West Indies by ensuring that there are administrators on each island to make veterans cricket broader based across the region. Previously, there was no governing cricket body in the West Indies that promoted and administered veterans’ cricket across the Caribbean even though some of the islands hosted their own local tournaments from time to time. CWIMA also plans to have regional tournaments soon after the COVID pandemic has given us all a break.